>Flavor Flav’s Fried Chicken

Posted: January 27, 2011 by Keith Stone in Uncategorized


In what could be the greatest achievement in shady fried chicken places since Kennedy Fried Chicken, rap’s favorite clock-wearing hypeman Flavor Flav has opened his own fried chicken restaurant in Clinton, Iowa.  I enjoy many facts about this.  First of all, how is there a huge line outside his place?  Do all these people really want to eat at Flav’s restaurant or did they just know that TMZ was going to be there?  Secondly, if you go through the pictures you can see that his place is right next to a KFC.  Maybe not the best place to open a fried chicken place.  Thirdly, Flavor Flav has already sent black people back several years.  I don’t think running a fried chicken joint is going to help.  Finally, it appears that in the menu you can order a “baked potatoe” as a side.  At least we know that Dan Quayle will do a good job running the place.  Sure beats Chuck D.  Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


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