>Super Bowl XLV: The Definitive Review

Posted: February 8, 2011 by Keith Stone in football, Super Bowl


Super Bowl Sunday. It was time for football fans around the country to see whether the Packers were going to steel the title or the Steelers would leave the Cheeseheads green with envy. I reported for the game from my home field couch advantage. First down, I am NOT a diehard fan of either team, so any views expressed here are merely those of a chick who enjoys the idea of expressing views with a slight buzz on while rocking a NY Giants vintage tee.

As I waited with baited breath for the year’s most anticipated commercials to air, I had to keep reminding myself what the evening was all about: delicacies such as homemade chili recipes, buffalo wings, pizza…basically any fun finger foods one might serve at a big game throwdown and, of course, you can’t forget to mention beer! What would the Super Bowl be without a few Buds in your belly? Here we go!

And now here’s your halftime report by Dani. Got to say, I have always been a Black Eyed Peas fan, so I was looking forward to this performance (even though I was expecting someone more currently sought after like Mr. Justin Bieber…) Overall, I thought they were great. I loved how they used the back-up dancers and really enforced an overall theme of unity. It was like a rave without the MDMA. Or was it? Welcome back Ms. Fergalicious. I thought she looked Fergabulous and her voice held strong even though her mic kept giving out (whatever happened to sound check?) Personally, I could have lived without the rendition of “Where is the Love?” Come on, isn’t there another way to convey the message of peace? “I had the time of my life….I owe it all to you?” Eeehh… need I say more? RIP Sir Patrick Swayze. He’s not actually a knight. I just knighted him myself. I love that Slash performed “Sweet Child of Mine” with Fergie.I thought it was totally cool and sounded great “live” (Fergie can be my sweet child anytime.) Holler at Usher with his sexy performance of “OMG” with Will.i.am. This definitely left me thinking “ooohhh my gaaawwwddd….”

The game wasn’t so bad either, I think, although I usually refreshed my drink and used the bathroom when the commercials weren’t on. Did anyone else see Cameron Diaz lovingly feeding A-Rod? I guess the new PDA trend for 2011 is spoon feeding your significant other. Aaron Rodgers as MVP was well-deserved and I’m sure it was bittersweet for Brett Favre.

Congratulations to the Packers, or as I called them the green team, and all their cheesehead fans for beating the Steelers!

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