>Rangers-Capitals Game 4 Quick Reaction

Posted: April 21, 2011 by Keith Stone in NHL, Rangers, Stanley Cup Playoffs, Washington Capitals


Capitals 4, Rangers 3 (2OT)
Capitals lead series 3-1

That was brutal. Imagine the girl you had a crush on was like “I really just like you as a friend…wait actually…no just like a friend…wait actually…no just a friend.” That’s what this game was like. I didn’t think anything would be worse than the DeSean Jackson Eagles game but this was worse. Same scenario. We were up by three scores. First one they got back, it was because of a lack of effort. The second one was a bit of luck. And that third one. The backbreaker. They just worked for it. But then, they didn’t go for the kill right away. They let us hang around for an extra two periods. Gave us hope. And then pulled it away. It just hurts because after Boudreau’s comments the other day, we were really letting him hear it. It was personal. I can’t bear the thought of him leaving the Garden with a smile on his face. The Rangers were plain overconfident. They kicked ass in the second period but forgot the game was still going on in the third. The first goal they gave up was total carelessness and it gave the Caps the momentum to get back into the game. It’s going to be tough to win in Washington but that’s two third period-leads the Rangers have blown in the series so it’s far from being a beatdown. The Rangers have survived every time they’ve been counted out this season. Hopefully, this is another of those times.

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