Why Is Deadspin So Mean?

Posted: June 24, 2011 by Keith Stone in blogs, Deadspin

Deadspin.com recently posted a list of corrections from the first week-plus of Grantland.com, Bill Simmons’s new pop culture website. Simmons comes off arrogant sometimes and I personally think Grantland is a little highbrow especially considering its editor in chief made about 100 porn jokes in his book. I didn’t realize I was going to need a box of Kleenex every time I read an article. Still, Simmons can do what he wants. He went from writing on his own site to becoming the most prominent sportswriter in the world.

But honestly, is there anything more annoying than somebody pointing out your mistakes? Nobody’s perfect. I probably made like 50 mistakes this week alone (keep reading please!) Grantland started with a lot of pomp and fanfare and it will take time to work the kinks out. If Simmons is the cool kid in school who tells everyone what great seats he had at the game, then Deadspin is the kid that has to point out that the game wasn’t so great because it was a blowout. From its “Grantland Comments and Corrections Desk” are gems like “In Editor in Chief Bill Simmons’s ‘Welcome to Grantland‘ introductory column, a sidenote misspelled the name of Barret Robbins as ‘Barrett Robbins.’ The error has been corrected by rewrite, without acknowledgment.” Who gives a shit?

Deadspin always does this and it has gotten worse. The guys over there must’ve been cut from the high school basketball team because they were too short. There are highs and lows in sports. You celebrate the champs and, yeah, knock the losers. I’ve done enough of that. Right, Queen James?

Deadspin just always seems to want to knock everybody off their pedestal. It’s enough to make light of a guy sending out a picture of their dick to a groupie, but sometimes they’re downright nasty. I enjoy most of what Deadspin does and there’s definitely a place in the world for a look at sports from a different perspective, but its tone is so whiny. Posting every mistake from Grantland is pointless and lame. And who exactly is checking the accuracy of every fact on the site? What a job. Leave Billy alone.

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