Pimp Juice

Posted: July 15, 2011 by Keith Stone in Amar'e, basketball, ESPY's, Knicks, NBA

The suits at ESPN needed a star presenter at the ESPY’s (LeBron said he could only stay for the first three quarters of the show) so they called up Amar’e. He said he would do it but that he needed not one, but two sexy ladies on his arm. Maria Sharapova and Rachel Nichols (not the reporter, duh) do the trick. And look at that outfit. If a white guy tried to pull it off, he’d look like an extra in the Dick in a Box video, but Amar’e KILLS it. Cam Newton tried to steal his preppy glasses look but Amar’e was already a step ahead, like a carpenter making stairs. Plus, he made a new friend in The Closer, Brian Wilson.

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