Didn’t Work For Ron Mexico Either

Posted: October 12, 2011 by Keith Stone in baseball, Juan Carlos Oviedo, MLB

Juan Carlos Oviedo saved 26 games for the Florida Marlins this season. Never heard of him? That’s because he was going by the name Leo Nunez. It came out towards the end of the season that Oveido used the fake name to lie about his age. Like the porn industry, Latin baseball talents get more money the younger they are. Oveido is basically doing the same thing Jesse Jane does. There were questions about Miguel Tejada’s age a few years back but now it looks like this may be a bigger problem than previously thought. Up to 30 players playing baseball in the majors and minors might be playing under assumed names.

It might not make a difference when you’re 17 but when clubs are deciding whether to give you a fat free agent deal, it’s kinda important to know if you’re 28 or 31. Maybe that’s what happened to Carl Crawford. I don’t blame the players. They’re being used by the owners so they’re just trying to get theirs. Fast forward and all of a sudden everyone is calling you a weird name. It happens to me all the time with the ladies. You meet a chick at the bar and you’re trying to impress her so you tell her that you’re a Formula 2 driver named Ron Sampson. You don’t think it’s going to go anywhere and then a few weeks later she’s introducing Ron to all her guy friends who are asking what Formula 2 is. Don’t worry Juan Carlos, Ron Sampson, I mean Keith Stone, is on your side.

NY Daily News

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