Trivia Time: Hockey Edition

Posted: October 20, 2011 by Keith Stone in hockey, NHL, trivia

Hockey is back in full swing. King Henrik is shutting people out, bitches be getting knocked out, and the Ottawa Senators are in last place. Feels like it never left. This year everything is as wide open as ever. No team is a frontrunner and Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, Henrik and Daniel Sedin, Steve Stamkos, and Corey Perry all share a place among the game’s elite. It wasn’t so back in the 80’s as Wayne Gretzky ran roughshod over the league and shattered records like Joan Rivers looking into a mirror. That brings us to our Question of the Week. Get it right or it’s a game misconduct. The answer, as always, is after the jump.

How many consecutive MVP awards did Wayne Gretzky win?

Answer: Eight. The Great One snagged every award from 1979-1987, more than any other player in the four major professional sports.

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