Jabroni of the Week: Rep. Frank Niceley

Posted: January 22, 2012 by Keith Stone in jabronis
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Meredith Graves is a sweet southern belle from Tennessee who came up to New York to have fun in the big city in December. She probably saw all the sights: Rockefeller Center, Central Park, the Empire State Building. But when she went to Ground Zero, she made made a small mistake. She tried to check her loaded gun at the security checkpoint. It was licensed in Tennessee but out-of-state licenses are invalid in New York. She now faces three years in prison. That’s when her local Congressman Frank Niceley stepped in. Niceley proposed a resolution asking New York to use “common sense” in their case against Graves and then added that if they didn’t, New Yorkers better “pay extra attention to our speed limits” when driving through Tennessee.

Sorry we’re all a little skittish about loaded weapons at Ground Zero. It’s only one of the most polarizing places in the entire world and terrorists would love to hit it again. I’m sure in Tennessee Meredith Graves goes to the shooting range during her lunch breaks, so it’s convenient to carry her gun in her purse, but we don’t need a Homeland situation happening because we let cute chicks carry guns anywhere they want. This isn’t the South. Don’t walk in secluded areas late at night and you’ll be all right.

Then, there’s the blackmail thing with the speeding tickets. First of all, are there really that many New Yorkers driving around in Tennessee? It’s a little out of the way. Secondly, if Bloomberg locked away a Super Bowl hero in Plaxico Burress for violating a gun law, do you think he’s really going to have any mercy on some random out-of-state dumbass? I think we’ve been through enough with Ground Zero. Threatening to give out speeding tickets because of this situation is an insult to all New Yorkers.

Frank, baby, I’m sure you didn’t realize how mad you were going to make all of us. The World Trade Center attacks may have taken place 10 years ago but the scars are still fresh. You may have meant the threat as a joke to get some attention, but it’s not funny. Meredith Graves didn’t know the law and although she should have done a little research before coming up here, she probably won’t spend three years in jail. Try to be a little more sensitive. Y’all don’t come back now, ya hear? Until then, you’re a jabroni, brother.

NY Daily News

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