Posted: March 20, 2012 by Keith Stone in basketball, NBA
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During the retirement ceremony of Chris Mullin’s jersey, Golden State Warriors fans let owner Joe Lacob know that they are not happy in the direction their franchise is heading, especially after trading Monta Ellis a few days earlier. The fans unleashed a tidal wave of boos as Lacob was introduced and starting speaking. When he appeared flustered and even acknowledged the boos, it only made things worse.

Not since Mr. McMahon have I seen an owner get booed this loudly. But seriously, why is the team owner who’s only owned the team for two years giving this speech, much less the last speech of the night. It’s a ballsy move. A guy like Mark Cuban pulls it off. Unfortunately, it kinda put a whole damper on Mullin’s special night. My favorite part of it all is when Rick Barry has to calm down the fans. Hey, old man, talking down to the “greatest fans in sports” isn’t going to help. I know they’re frustrated and all, but it was extremely classless not that they booed Lacob, but taking the spotlight away from Mullin on his night.

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