The Deron Dilemma

Posted: March 31, 2012 by rorypatrick in basketball, NBA
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“I want Deron to stay for all the wrong reasons.”

That was a comment posted on, and it really sums up the grim feelings Nets fans have. This summer, Deron Williams will be a free agent, and, in my opinion, will sign with the Dallas Mavericks. Objectively, this is what Deron Williams should do. The Mavericks want him, he grew up in Dallas, and, most importantly, the organization has a proven record of success and will provide him the best chance to win a championship. If Deron Williams wants to win, he’ll forgo the extra money he’d earn with the Nets (which is nominal) and join Dirk and Cuban for the next four years.

But all Nets fans want him to stay here. The case could be made is that he would be part of building a championship contender – sign Deron, add a few more pieces, and abracadabra – the Nets are in the Finals. This, unfortunately, isn’t realistic. The Nets are not one piece away – they are several. The last five seasons have been wasted, and the Nets do not really know what they need to surround Deron Williams with. So this leads to the question: why would Deron Williams sign here?

The answer is simple: money. The Nets can pay him more. He will be the superstar of a brand new arena in a large city. He will be the face of the team (not in Dirk’s shadow). Endorsements will be rolling in. If Deron Williams re-signs with the Nets, another, more pertinent question arises: what kind of player is Deron Williams?

This is pure speculation, as I do not personally know him, but I haven’t been impressed with his attitude all season. He has come off at times as moody and arrogant, and hasn’t shown strong leadership qualities. He’ll look very impressive in some games, and bored and disinterested in others. He has some blemishes in his past too, as there were rumors swirling that he was the cause of Jerry Sloan’s early retirement.

So, to recap, if he chooses Dallas, he is choosing winning, and if he chooses the Nets, it is clear he is only about the money. This is the Deron Dilemma, and goes back to the original quote: why do Nets fans want him to stay? If the Nets re-sign him, they know they are bringing back a player who doesn’t care about winning. Basically, Nets fans are screwed. They have surrendered their 2010 through 2012 lottery picks to keep him, and losing him would make it all for nothing. Keeping Deron around, even if means four years of middling 35-45 win teams, would save face.

I’m now at a crossroads where I’m prepared for another 12-70 season and starting from scratch, or signing a superstar whose very re-signing shows he just wants to get paid. I need a drink.

  1. Andrew says:

    This article is leaving out the fact that dwight Howard may pair up with him. If Dwight goes to the nets to play with deron Williams, I’m pretty sure the whole comment about staying just for money should be thrown out the window.

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