Rangers-Senators Game 3 Quick Reaction

Posted: April 17, 2012 by Keith Stone in hockey, NHL
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Rangers 1, Senators 0. Rangers lead series 2-1

Classic. Sure, it may have been a little tougher than we wanted it, but Henrik Lundqvist put on an absolute masterful show. 39 saves, including a few in the final minutes that not many people can make and possibly saved the series. It was almost like how Andy Pettitte would pitch after a tough playoff loss and put up a shutout. An inferior goalie would have been bludgeoned but King Henrik stood on his head and allowed the Rangers to tread water until they finally connected. If he let one go in at any time, they might have never recovered because Craig Anderson is legit too and the offense was in one of their “moods.” I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the only 1-0 game in the series.

And how poetic is it that Brian Boyle, who was getting booed every time he touched the puck, scored the only goal? Fuck you, Canada! What are you booing Boyle for? He’s an average forward who got the shit kicked out of him last game when he couldn’t defend himself. Oh yeah, he sucks, eh! Let’s boo him, eh! While I’m making fun of Canada, why is there French in Ottawa? Isn’t it in the English-speaking part of the country? I guess it’s close to Quebec but I’m pretty sure the Quebecois hate the other provinces so much, they wouldn’t be caught dead at a Senators game.

Other than that, the team stuck to its guns and continued to play its brand of hockey, which is an extremely positive sign. It would have been easy to retaliate for Game 2 or get affected by the crowd, but the Rangers kept their heads on their shoulders and their bodies in front of the puck. This was a game that Champions win.

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