Rangers-Senators Game 5 Quick Reaction

Posted: April 21, 2012 by Keith Stone in hockey, NHL
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Senators 2, Rangers 0. Senators lead series 3-2

Hey look, King Henrik won one by standing on his head and this Craig Anderson’s turn. It wasn’t the Rangers’ best effort. I’m sure blowing Game 4 when they had a chance to seemingly put the series away fucked with their heads a little bit. It’s like didn’t somebody tell Ottawa that this was supposed to be a cakewalk? It was a sloppy game for the Blueshirts but the only difference was that Spezza shot. Of course, that’s all that matters. Hopefully, Boyle is OK. Who knows how the NHL rules on the hit. They’ve been so inconsistent. Hagelin coming back for Game 6 is going to be a big boost. If the Rangers can’t win with their backs against the wall in a hostile environment, they don’t deserve to be Champions. The ’94 team did it. We’re about to see the real character of this team.

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