Rangers-Senators Game 7 Quick Reaction

Posted: April 27, 2012 by Keith Stone in hockey, NHL
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Rangers 2, Senators 1. Rangers win series 4-3

Great game. Great series. Great ending. It wasn’t the smoothest the Rangers have played but the last 10 minutes represented everything this team is about. Henrik was superb and had the entire team taking pucks to keep the score where it was. Ottawa had so many chances but by sheer will, the Rangers would not let the series slip away. Staal and Girardi added to their usual masterful defense by scoring the most important goals of the season, Chris Krieder is emerging as a legitimate force, and most importantly, that scumbag Chris Neil is heading home.

The Rangers make me think of a good-looking kid getting laid for the first time. They didn’t really know where everything was going but by the end of the night, they got the job done. Good thing, too, because I hear there’s this hot Russian chick coming to town that’s going to be even harder to handle.

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