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>Bart Scott Trademarks "Can’t Wait", Gravity

Posted: March 4, 2011 by Keith Stone in Bart Scott, dinero, Jets


It’s no secret that the Jets’ Bart Scott is insane. Exhibit A:

Incredibly, that wasn’t the silliest thing Scott did during the winter. The linebacker trademarked the phrase “Can’t Wait”  after that crazy postgame interview with Sal Paolantonio. Apparently, he never heard the phrase used before during his frequent conversations with the Ultimate Warrior. Despite having an econ degree from Southern Illinois (Clyde Frazier FTW), Scott likely didn’t take any marketing classes and he has made no money off the phrase, presumably because people use it millions of times a day. Also, maybe Scott forgot that the Jets didn’t make the Super Bowl. I have been told, however, that his brother, Michael Scott, is very impressed by his business savvy.