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>Best TV Show Ever

Posted: February 25, 2011 by Keith Stone in Chaz Sheen, Sheen's Corner


Charlie Sheen boldly text messaged from the Bahamas that he is in negotiations with HBO for his own half-hour show cleverly titled Sheen’s Corner. It appears to be some sort of talk show. This comes after production on Two and a Half Men was shut down for the remainder of the season. Sheen’s deal with HBO will reportedly be in the neighborhood of $5 million an episode for 10 episodes. That does not sound like a good idea at all. Sheen texted, “It will be epic, all types of guests, and we will focus on the truth and the absurd!”

I don’t have HBO but you better believe I’ll be getting it for Sheen’s Corner. Can you imagine? “Good night folks. Coming up on our next show, my brother Emilio Estevez joins us to convince me to go to rehab. I will also be joined by porn star Lanny Barby, who I’m about to smoke crack with backstage. Plus the musical stylings of Michael Buble. Stay tuned!” Still can’t be more of a train wreck than The Magic Hour.


[Editor’s note: I just Googled Lanny Barby to get a correct spelling — yes, I’m a dork — and although her official website is, the site has her name spelled Lanny, which is what Wikipedia has. Can we get a judge’s ruling?]