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When I first decided to start writing the Atlantic City Diaries, I didn’t think I would be doing it very frequently.  From 2007 to 2011, I really only went to Atlantic City roughly once or twice a year.  This year, I’ve been to Atlantic City five times, with plans to go again in 10 days.  I originally thought that my last time there would be it for 2012, which is why I spared no detail in my 3,000-word recap.  However, Chapter 2 got Keith itching to go, and, backed by a free room on a Sunday night, we headed back down the shore.

Now, half of the time that I go to Atlantic City, I am there to see a concert or a comedy show.  This spaces out the night better.  I am away from the free-flow of booze and gambling, as hours upon hours of blinking lights and arcade noises can melt your brain.  However, the other half of the time, I am there for the sole purpose of having an alcohol-fueled gamble-thon.  This trip was the latter.

We left Sunday at noon, on a bus driven by Friday.  Yes, Friday was the born name of the man driving our bus.  I took this as a good omen for the trip to come.  On the bus ride, we caught up on several basketball topics, as the Brooklyn Nets were having a splendid summer, and the Manhattan Knicks were having a cruel one.  This point was reinforced when news broke on that trip that their young point guard Jason Kidd got arrested for a DWI.  I swear, that team needs some veteran leadership.

Keith Stone: As our trip turned out to be an extremely boozy one, I am going to step in to interject anything Rory may have missed or misremembered. Here, he’s forgetting the fact that Jason Kidd is 600-years-old. But hey, who doesn’t celebrate getting a new job by wrapping your car around one of your new boss’s telephone poles? It’s better than beating your wife.

We got off the bus at Showboat, even though we were staying at Resorts.  This was because of the bus deals – we decided that $25 of gambling money was more fun than $15 of gambling money and $15 in food vouchers.  However, I was extremely hungry when we arrived, and as we walked the boardwalk from Showboat to Resorts, I grabbed a philly cheesesteak from a food cart.  I was about halfway through this cheesesteak when–