>Free Sandwiches for Everybody!

Posted: January 14, 2011 by Keith Stone in Uncategorized


Panera Bread just opened up their third “pay as you wish” Panera Cares store in Portland, Oregon.  I love it, as does every homeless person in Portland.  Founder Ron Shaich asks, “Will people step up and help each other or will they take advantage?”  Bill Walton can help all he wants, I’m going to take advantage.  Open one of these babies up in New York and I’ll be there everyday.  Whoops, I only have $3 in my wallet, sorry.  I love going to a museum with a suggested donation and then just giving a couple of balled-up singles so the girl I’m with doesn’t think I’m a cheap bastard.  I’m sure there are enough do-gooders in the world to more than compensate for my cheapskateness.  So here’s my plea to you, Mr. Shaich.  Let’s get a Panera Cares up in the Greatest City in the World.  Preferably somewhere close to Union Square.

ABC News

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