>Battle of the Playoff Song Parody Videos

Posted: April 13, 2011 by Keith Stone in Knicks, playoffs, Vancouver Canucks


It’s playoff season! That means a lot of things. Glorious victories, heartbreaking defeats, and most of all, hilarious fan videos. Today, I have two very different ones for your enjoyment.

The first comes by way of the Pacific Northwest. Vancouver, to be exact. Some puckheads put together another parody to Rebecca Black’s Friday called Game Day. Not the most original idea but it might be the most well-done. Not that I’ve been watching tons and tons of Rebecca Black parody videos. Let’s just hope they don’t riot too much when the Canucks get bounced from the playoffs.

Second, straight out of Washington Square Park, The Don Cap sings Now With Melo as he explores landmarks around the NYU area. Bonus points for incorporating Go NY Go into the song. Minus points for the autotune. The kid has spunk and I like the fact that he didn’t steal his video from a 12-year-old girl.

Who’s the winner? That’s an easy one. We all are.

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