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It’s the end of the year so let’s look back at some of the best moments in The Suite (and give Stone a break). This was originally published on June 15 with the Stanley Cup hanging in the balance.

It’s time to finally, finally end hockey season. I’m coming to you live from the Rainman Suite with Charlie Sheen, Jenna Haze, Lanny Barby, Tiffany Taylor, Alexis Texas, and briefcase full of cocaine. OK, actually I have a belly fully full of Chinese food and a six-pack of Labatts. This game is huge. Neither team has won the Stanley Cup in nearly 40 years and Vancouver has never won it. Also, the last time they lost a Finals Game 7, there was a massive riot. As John Davidson would say, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby!” GAME 7!

8:02-We see the Stanley Cup make its grand entrance into the arena in a silver SUV. You’d think it’d be rolling in a Hummer limo or something.

8:03-Dan Patrick is hosting the pregame show because……………

8:04-Pierre McGuire interviews Patrice Bergeron who has a massive playoff beard. Yet another reason to love hockey. Playoff beards.

8:06-A Boston fan told Dan Patrick, “We didn’t lose to the British, and we’re not losing to British Columbia.” Those Bostonians are so clever.

8:11-There’s so much at stake tonight. If Boston wins, they’d have won every Championship in the past seven years. The last thing we need is those pink hat-wearing frontrunning douchebags to pull off the feat. Let the negative karma flow.

8:13-There’s an exterior shot of the arena. The streets are entirely packed. It’s only 5PM in Vancouver. It’s going to be wild tonight no matter what. Imagine leaving work and hitting that traffic. Did they even work today?

8:16-A guy in a tux sings the American national anthem. There’s a smattering of boos. Don’t boo the anthem, people.

8:17-They have a separate guy for “O Canada.” He’s a disheveled, fat man. I think he’s homeless.

8:18-My friend Naitch just showed up. He’s the only Canadian I know in New York. We are wearing identical shirts with the Canadian maple leaf on them from Bret Hart Appreciation Night at the Garden. He brought Tim Horton’s but I stopped short of hanging up a Canadian flag.

8:20-Naitch likes Pierre McGuire’s early intensity. He thinks he’s the best sideline reporter since Mike Adamle.


Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals was pretty epic. I love low-scoring games. The tension is unbearable. The Canucks and Bruins were scoreless for over 59 and a half minutes until Jannik Hansen made a pretty feed to Raffi Hansen for the game-winner. The fans in Vancouver were delirious, but perhaps none more than these guys, who drove 15 hours to watch the Canucks play in San Jose in the Western Conference Finals and ended up drinking with the owner of the team, making a hospital visit, and scoring comps for the next game. It’s a good read.


Canucks 2, Sharks 0

Posted: May 19, 2011 by Keith Stone in bOObs, NHL, Stanley Cup Playoffs, Vancouver Canucks

I’ve always said that Vancouver Canucks fans are some of the best out there. On top of being a major city with only one sports team (sorry BC Lions), it’s Canada and Canadians are crazy about hockey. Coverage of the NHL Draft makes the NFL Draft look like Nickelodeon. The Canucks have been in existence since 1970 and have never won the Stanley Cup, although the Vancouver Millionaires won it in 1915. They’re like the Red Sox and Cubs but without the Celtics and Bulls to soften the blow, respectively. In fact, the last time the Canucks made the Finals and lost in seven games to the Rangers, there was a full-fledged riot. This wasn’t a weak college-style riot. It was the real deal. Like in Philadelphia, except the participants were obviously better conditioned for maximum destruction.

So now with four first place finishes in the past five years and still no Cup, the fans are hungrier and crazier than ever. The Green Men heckle opponents in the penalty box and had the Canucks within three wins of a return to the Finals. Last night, they won again 7-3 over the San Jose Sharks, but the real news is that one of their fans may have put them over the top not only in their quest for the Cup, but in the discussion for best fanbase. Here she is, after the jump (NSFW).



It’s playoff season! That means a lot of things. Glorious victories, heartbreaking defeats, and most of all, hilarious fan videos. Today, I have two very different ones for your enjoyment.

The first comes by way of the Pacific Northwest. Vancouver, to be exact. Some puckheads put together another parody to Rebecca Black’s Friday called Game Day. Not the most original idea but it might be the most well-done. Not that I’ve been watching tons and tons of Rebecca Black parody videos. Let’s just hope they don’t riot too much when the Canucks get bounced from the playoffs.

Second, straight out of Washington Square Park, The Don Cap sings Now With Melo as he explores landmarks around the NYU area. Bonus points for incorporating Go NY Go into the song. Minus points for the autotune. The kid has spunk and I like the fact that he didn’t steal his video from a 12-year-old girl.

Who’s the winner? That’s an easy one. We all are.