Canucks 2, Sharks 0

Posted: May 19, 2011 by Keith Stone in bOObs, NHL, Stanley Cup Playoffs, Vancouver Canucks

I’ve always said that Vancouver Canucks fans are some of the best out there. On top of being a major city with only one sports team (sorry BC Lions), it’s Canada and Canadians are crazy about hockey. Coverage of the NHL Draft makes the NFL Draft look like Nickelodeon. The Canucks have been in existence since 1970 and have never won the Stanley Cup, although the Vancouver Millionaires won it in 1915. They’re like the Red Sox and Cubs but without the Celtics and Bulls to soften the blow, respectively. In fact, the last time the Canucks made the Finals and lost in seven games to the Rangers, there was a full-fledged riot. This wasn’t a weak college-style riot. It was the real deal. Like in Philadelphia, except the participants were obviously better conditioned for maximum destruction.

So now with four first place finishes in the past five years and still no Cup, the fans are hungrier and crazier than ever. The Green Men heckle opponents in the penalty box and had the Canucks within three wins of a return to the Finals. Last night, they won again 7-3 over the San Jose Sharks, but the real news is that one of their fans may have put them over the top not only in their quest for the Cup, but in the discussion for best fanbase. Here she is, after the jump (NSFW).

Two minutes, well worth it.


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