Summer Song 2011: Give Me Everything?

Posted: May 19, 2011 by Keith Stone in Pitbull, Summer Song 2011

In China, it’s the year of the rabbit. In the United States (and Puerto Rico), it’s been the year of Pitbull. The kid is cranking out hits faster than Ichiro. Shut It Down. I Know You Want Me. Hotel Room Service. I Like It. On the Floor. Hey Baby. He can do it by himself or carry assclowns like Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez on his back. His next song is the best yet. Featuring Ne-Yo, Give Me Everything has a beat you can get down to with your favorite girl or blast in the car with the sunroof down. There’s also a nice contrast between Pitbull’s rapping and Ne-Yo doing his R&B thing on the chorus. It makes me want to put on a suit and shades, hit the club, and mack it to a chick in Spanish. Will Give Me Everything emerge as the dominant song this summer? The competition is fierce, but Pitbull is on fire.

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