>Demi and Ashton Make A Movie

Posted: April 13, 2011 by Keith Stone in Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, ridiculous


As if there weren’t enough reasons to hate Demi and Ashton, they (and a few of their friends) released a series of videos condemning the child sex trade. Seems like a good cause. The only problem is the videos are stupid and don’t make any sense.

What does Ashton getting new socks have to do with buying girls? I’m sure he could afford some 12-year-old girl from Bangkok to do his laundry for him. I’m just so confused. If they’re saying that guys shouldn’t be taking chicks out to dinner and buying them jewelry anymore, then I’m all in. If they’re saying that I’m a real man because I’ve never bought a child sex slave even though I only have about six chest hairs, then I’m down with too. Other than that, you lost me. I kind of want to buy a child sex slave now just to spite Demi and Ashton. I’ll call her Chun Li and she can sleep on my couch. Who came up with the idea for this video? The Situation?

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