NBA Playoffs Conference Finals Predictions

Posted: May 15, 2011 by Keith Stone in basketball, NBA, NBA Playoffs

It’s time for two new Conference Champions after the Lakers and Celtics were eliminated in the Semifinals. The Bulls, OKC, and Heatles all represent the dawn of a new era for the NBA, while the old guard Mavericks and Dirk Nowitski are back for the umpteenth time to reach their elusive Title. Speaking of coming back, Rory and Dat Roro Kid return to help with the predictions after I blocked all communication from them after the Knicks lost. My picks are 8-3 so far while Roro went 5-3 in the first round and Rory is even at 4-4. Luckily, we all have the same exact picks this round. Great minds think alike and are lame.

Eastern Conference Finals
(1) Chicago Bulls vs. (2) Miami Heat
Stone’s take: I just find it hard to believe that the best basketball player in the world plus Dwyane Wade can’t beat a 22-year-old kid and a bunch of really good role players. If the Bulls’ big guys control the paint and rebound, it’ll still be a close series.
Predictions: Stone: Heat in 6, Rory: Heat in 6, Roro: Heat in 6

Western Conference Finals
(3) Dallas Mavericks vs. (4) Oklahoma City
Stone’s take: The Mavericks are finally playing tough as a team, buoyed by Nowitski and Tyson Chandler. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are the real deal, but it’s not their time…yet.
Predictions: Stone: Mavericks in 7, Rory: Mavericks in 7, Roro: Mavericks in 7

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