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It’s Championship Week, the greatest week of the year. To celebrate, here is the greatest game in NBA Finals history. After pulling a leg muscle in Game 5 of the 1970 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers and missing the following game, Knicks center Willis Reed returned for Game 7 at the Garden in dramatic fashion. Clyde Frazier added 36 points, 19 assists, and five steals and the Knickerbockers had their first World Title.

This is bigger than basketball. This is biblical stuff. This is Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter at WrestleMania VII. This is every game you played when you were a kid. Cops and robbers. Good guys and bad guys. A team seeking redemption for five years of failure against a team that came together for all the wrong reasons. Pride and vengeance against glitz and ego. Rory and Roro join me after we nailed both Conference Finals Series. Who ya got?

Roro’s take: My faith has never wavered.  If anything, I was too nice to the opposition.  This series won’t be any different as the Mavs have not faced a defense this good.
Roro’s pick: Heat in 5

Rory’s take: I said the Heat back in September, and even when they were down 1-0 versus the Bulls.  I’ve sided with evil, and I can’t back out now.
Rory’s pick: Heat in 6

Stone’s take: If there’s one thing I’ve learned from 21 years of watching basketball, it’s that a good team can overcome any obstacle. The Heat have two players. I still believe in fairytale endings.
Stone’s pick: Mavericks in 7

NBA Playoffs Conference Finals Predictions

Posted: May 15, 2011 by Keith Stone in basketball, NBA, NBA Playoffs

It’s time for two new Conference Champions after the Lakers and Celtics were eliminated in the Semifinals. The Bulls, OKC, and Heatles all represent the dawn of a new era for the NBA, while the old guard Mavericks and Dirk Nowitski are back for the umpteenth time to reach their elusive Title. Speaking of coming back, Rory and Dat Roro Kid return to help with the predictions after I blocked all communication from them after the Knicks lost. My picks are 8-3 so far while Roro went 5-3 in the first round and Rory is even at 4-4. Luckily, we all have the same exact picks this round. Great minds think alike and are lame.

Eastern Conference Finals
(1) Chicago Bulls vs. (2) Miami Heat
Stone’s take: I just find it hard to believe that the best basketball player in the world plus Dwyane Wade can’t beat a 22-year-old kid and a bunch of really good role players. If the Bulls’ big guys control the paint and rebound, it’ll still be a close series.
Predictions: Stone: Heat in 6, Rory: Heat in 6, Roro: Heat in 6

Western Conference Finals
(3) Dallas Mavericks vs. (4) Oklahoma City
Stone’s take: The Mavericks are finally playing tough as a team, buoyed by Nowitski and Tyson Chandler. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are the real deal, but it’s not their time…yet.
Predictions: Stone: Mavericks in 7, Rory: Mavericks in 7, Roro: Mavericks in 7

Trivia Time: 5/2/11 Edition

Posted: May 3, 2011 by Keith Stone in basketball, NBA, NBA Playoffs, trivia

Isiah Thomas protege Zach Randolph and the 8th seeded Memphis Grizzlies shocked the NBA by upsetting the San Antonio Spurs 4-2 in their First Round matchup. Only three other 8-seeds have upset a 1-seed since the playoffs expanded to their current format in 1984, which brings us to our question. If you get it right, Z-Bo will take you to finest strip club in Memphis, Christie’s Cabaret. Answer is after the jump.

Which previous three 8th seeded teams have advanced to the Second Round of the NBA Playoffs? (and a hint: it is not the 1993 Indiana Pacers)


>A Rose By Any Other Name

Posted: May 2, 2011 by Keith Stone in Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose, NBA, NBA Playoffs

We’re still trying to figure out this new system. Here’s what Rodave had to say about Derrick Rose’s Round 1 performance:

The 2011 playoffs have been off the hook. In the very first game the Bulls showed us why TNT knows drama when Michael Jor—I mean, Derrick Rose looked as if he would put up a contested layup before dishing it off to John Pax—I mean, Kyle Korver for a game winning three-pointer. (more…)


Bulls over Hawks in 7
Heat over Celtics in 7
OKC over Grizzlies in 5
Lakers over Mavericks in 7

>Knicks-Celtics Game 3 Quick Reaction

Posted: April 23, 2011 by Keith Stone in BOSTON SUCKS, Celtics, Knicks, NBA, NBA Playoffs


Celtics 113, Knicks 96
Celtics lead series 3-0 

They overwhelmed us from the opening tip. Swallowed us whole. This is what I was worried about from the beginning of the series. The Knicks looked they were trying too hard. They were slow to adjust and rotate on D. Pierce and Allen were hitting their shots. The Celtics were getting every call and bounce but the Knicks didn’t do anything to change that. They didn’t handle the pressure of hosting their first playoff game in seven years very well. It’s disappointing because I was hoping they would come out and crack some heads, but everyone looked tight. The ball was being forced to Amar’e early on and he was pressing a little too much, but he must be hurting. Nobody handled the situation well. Nobody stepped up and took charge. Maybe not having a veteran like Chauncey out there hurt. The only excuse I can offer is that the officiating was poor but that’s not a good excuse. I’m not giving up hope on the series. The Knicks have to play with pride on Sunday and match their intensity of the first two games. If they keep the open shots to a minimum, get to every loose ball, and catch a few breaks, they should have a chance…with or without Chauncey and Amar’e.