Mets Lose On Balk-Off

Posted: June 17, 2011 by Keith Stone in baseball, Mets, MLB

The Mets’ DJ Carrasco forced in the winning run last night against the Braves, but he did it in a new and heartbreaking way, even for Mets fans. Carrasco balked his way to a loss, flinching under the pressure of trying to sweep Atlanta. This is why it’s so fun to be a Mets hater. Just when all their fans think they’re turning the corner, nope. Kenny Rogers walks in the winning run in the ’99 NLCS. Getting a beatdown from the Yanks in the ’00 World Series. And of course, that Wainwright curveball. Beltran is still looking at that one. Mets fans are so pathetic, they still think their team can make the playoffs. Maybe when Wilpon sells the team. At least I have someone new to pick on now that LeBron is gone.

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