Leave Tracy Morgan Alone!

Posted: July 6, 2011 by Keith Stone in ridiculous, Tracy Morgan

About a month after he was chastised for saying he’d kill his son if he acted gay, Tracy Morgan is in the news again for making fun of disabled people. This is what he does! Let it go people! He’s been saying insane stuff for 15 years. It doesn’t mean it’s based in any form of reality. He doesn’t actually want to get Oprah pregnant. The only problem now is that he’s more well-known. I met Tracy Morgan. He’s certifiable. That’s what makes him funny. He said Sarah Palin is great jacking off material on live TV! Why would anybody be offended by anything he says? For that reason, Tracy Morgan is possibly the least offensive comic in America. If he makes you laugh, enjoy it. If not, fuck off.


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