The Canos Win the Home Run Derby

Posted: July 12, 2011 by Keith Stone in baseball, Home Run Derby, MLB, Yankees

In an event that was about five hours too long, Robinson Cano won the Home Run Derby with the help of his pitcher, his father Jose. Cano once again proved the superiority of the Yanks over the Red Sox as he beat Adrian Gonzalez and Fat Papi Ortiz. Cano beat Gonzalez in the finals 12-11 and those 12 home runs in the finals were a record. Overall, however, the Home Run Derby was a snooze. None of the marquee names participate so you get guys like Rickie Weeks competing. Even Rickie Weeks’s mom didn’t want to watch Rickie Weeks in the Home Run Derby. And when did Cano and Fat Papi become such good friends? It’s nice that all the Dominican players are cordial to each other but stop with the hugs, amigos. I like to think I live in a world where the Yanks and Sox vehemently hate each other.

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