Get Me Felix

Posted: July 27, 2011 by Keith Stone in baseball, Felix Hernandez, MLB, Yankees

Another member of the slutty bartender club, Felix Hernandez, just pitched seven innings of one-run ball  against the Yankees. Can we trade for him already? With him and CC starting four out of seven games in a playoff series, it wouldn’t matter who the other pitchers are. Felix’s stats aren’t astounding but the Mariners are so shitty. If he was suddenly on a team that could actually hit in the middle of a pennant race, he would be rejuvenated. I know everyone is excited about all these prospects, but pitching is so flaky. Why take a chance with a youngster when you could have a sure thing? King Felix is like a Maserati and Banuelos, Montero and Betances are BMW’s. You like having them on the driveway, but they don’t compare to driving a Mas. Sell the farm.

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