TMI, Enrique

Posted: July 31, 2011 by Keith Stone in Enrique Iglesias, ridiculous

Enrique Iglesias did something not too many ladies were expecting at his concert in Melbourne Tuesday night. He spent almost 20 minutes between songs talking about having the “smallest penis in the world.” Enrique called three guys on stage who went on to have a broversation about losing their virginity. At first, Enrique claimed he was 25 when he had his cherry popped, then recanted and went with 17. Something smells a little fishy about that, but then one of the guys mentioned that it must’ve been easy for Enrique to get girls with his superstar looks. That’s when he dropped his tiny secret. The group was doing shots of whiskey the entire time and Enrique claimed he was on antibiotics and shouldn’t have mixing the two. Still doesn’t explain any song he’s ever made or the fact that he’s banging Anna Kournakova with his mini-penis. Anna, baby, if you want a real man or at least an average-sized one, call up Keith Stone.

This whole ordeal was reported by our friends from The Sun and had a great headline, “Enrique Iglesias: I’ve got the world’s tiniest todger.” Todger! Crazy Brits.

The Sun

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