New Nets Arena Leads To Rat Infestations, Still Better Than Watching Nets Play

Posted: August 18, 2011 by Keith Stone in Brooklyn, Nets, rats

As if the Barclays Center hasn’t had enough problems in the past with local resentment, plan delays, hurried redesigns, financial shortcomings, broken promises, and even rampant illegal parking, the construction site of the Nets’ new arena has sent rats scurrying about the neighborhood. Of course rats are running away from the Barclays Center. They don’t want to see the Nets play as much as the next guy.

Nets minority owner and developer, Bruce Ratner, has been offering rat-proof garbage cans to local residents but that’s been about as helpful as signing Anthony Morrow. Rats are still invading people’s homes and cars (gross) but at least cats are happy.

The Atlantic Yards plan has been plagued since Day 1. It’s all been part of a complex scheme for Ratner to build residential and office towers in the area and purchase the land for cheap, but it’s been nothing but bad for people who live in the area. Did anyone really want the Nets to move to Brooklyn? It’s not the second coming of the Dodgers. They should stay in Newark.

NY Daily News

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