Why The Challenge Goes Beyond the TV

Posted: August 23, 2011 by Keith Stone in Challenge Week, The Challenge

Joshy Bananas took some time out from playing flip cup with his bros to throw in his two cents as to what makes The Challenge so special:

 The Challenge is great. No denying that. But is it greater than any other epic reality show?

Yes, because as any true Challenge fan will tell you, The Challenge can be used as a litmus test to determine who can become a friend of yours in the real world (not reality, but the real world—and not The Real World, but the real world).

Whenever I meet a new person, if we ever happen to discuss The Challenge and we both mention our epic fandom, an instant kinship is formed. This is because if a person likes this show, they also like: fun, insanity, competition, fratiness, chillness.

That’s chill in my book, broooooo.

Basically, if you know that CT is the best athlete known to man, we can be friends. Siiiiiiiick!

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