Do Not Buy An iPad In A McDonald’s Parking Lot

Posted: September 1, 2011 by Keith Stone in ridiculous, technology

Before I went off to college, Papa Stone told me, “Son, if anyone ever offers to sell you a iPad unsolicited in a McDonald’s parking lot, don’t do it.” Unfortunately, Ashley McDowell didn’t have such an upstanding upbringing. When two men approached her after she picked up some Snack Wraps and McFlurries, they offered her a chance to buy a brand-new iPad for $300. What a deal! Ash only had $180 on her but her business partners were so kind, they accepted the reduced price. Way to notice all the red flags along the way, sweetheart. The men gave our protagonist a FedEx box and when she got home, it turned out to contain a piece of wood painted black and an Apple logo. INGENUITY!


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