Islanders Sink To New Low

Posted: September 7, 2011 by Keith Stone in Fishsticks, hockey, NHL, tattoos

Looking to maximize revenue out of sponsorships and the swanky Nassau Mausoleum, the Fishsticks have named Tattoo Lou’s as their official tattoo parlor for the upcoming season. The deal includes a tattoo and piercing booth at the arena for ten home games. This is great news for douchebag Long Islanders who have to choose between going to the game or getting some more tribal bands. And why not bring the old lady to a game? Nothing says class like getting a tramp stamp of the logo a last place hockey team. The minimum price for a tattoo is $60, or a few go-rounds at the tanning salon. John Tavares should totally get some Fishsticks ink on his face. Now that would be intimidating. No word on whether the sponsorship will last when the team moves to Quebec City.


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