Go Yanks (But Only By 3 Or Fewer Runs)

Posted: September 20, 2011 by Keith Stone in baseball, Mariano Rivera, MLB, Yankees

I went to the Yanks game and saw Mo Rivera pick up save #602. Kind of a fun, weird game. On the one hand, there was a ton of anticipation in the air knowing that the record might get broken. On the other hand, the Yanks needed to be up by 1-3 runs by the ninth inning. With A.J. Burnett and the immortal Scott Diamond on the mound, it seemed like a longshot either way. Luckily, both pitchers were equally shitty, the Yanks carried a 6-4 lead into the ninth, and history was made. I’ve never rooted against the Yanks to win but only by a few runs. Not too fun. In the eighth, I was happy that they got a few runners on base and then actively pulled against them, but only for that half-inning. Bizarre.

I’ve always thought the save is overrated but Mariano is so humble, that the accolades don’t get on my nerves as they might if it was another closer. The save might be a bogus stat but coming in when the game is on the line and having ice water in your veins to lock down the game is something special. Mo has that. He couldn’t be as great as he is without his teammates, but it sure isn’t bad to have the greatest closer of all-time coming out of the bullpen to lock down a big game. If anything, this record celebrates his longevity and the fact that he’s been so great for so long is legit. Mickey Rooney is jealous.

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