Yanks Rule the East (Again)

Posted: September 22, 2011 by Keith Stone in baseball, champagne, MLB, Yankees

As I predicted in March, another baseball season is coming to an end with Boston’s faces up the Yankees’ asses. The Red Sox can continue to choke the season away all they want, Captain Jeter is kicking it old school spraying champagne on Kim Jones with no goggles. It was another great day for the Bombers, who pieced together a doubleheader sweep of the Devil Rays using approximately 46 pitchers in the first game and then in the best moment of the season, having Jorge Posada drive in the game-winning runs as a pinch hitter in the second game. The Yankees are finally getting healthy and should clinch home field throughout the AL playoffs in a few days. The opportunity to rest will be vital. There are still questions about the pitching rotation but it looks like Ivan Nova is stepping up and will be a solid choice to go after CC. The postseason starts next week…

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