Jabroni of the Week: Kim Kardashian

Posted: November 6, 2011 by Keith Stone in jabronis, Kim Kardashian, romance

72 days. Everyone knows the Kardashian family is full of money-grubbing whores but this is an insult. Kim K Superstar made upwards of $17 million dollars for televising her nuptials to Kris Humphries on E!. They were literally aired a few weeks ago. She couldn’t try to stick it out a little longer? Apparently, she felt that Humphries was becoming a mooch since the NBA is locked out. He had a $9.6 million contract with the Nets. I don’t think he was exactly hurting for cash. He may be a tool but at least he earned his money. Kim essentially had a casting call to find a guy. Who does that? She wanted Danilo Gallinari first, but Gallo’s too smart for that. Plus, not black.

I’m not sure who the Jabroni really is. Is it Kim or anyone that cares? People that will continue to watch her show are idiots. She has no discernible talent. She’s not even as interesting as Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson. She has a fat ass and she fucked Ray-J on camera. What’s the appeal?

Kim, baby, you have more money than you could ever deserve. I hope you enjoy it. Your show is contrived enough. Did you really have to get married? The thing is you could have kept it going for so much longer. Oh no, Kim and Kris are separated! That’s an episode. Kim and Kris are having dinner to talk things over. That’s an episode.

Your show actually would have been interesting for once. How hard is it to have a sham marriage? Say that you’re doing promotions overseas while Kris is playing exhibition games. Now everyone can really see what a fake you are. Ironic that you’re on a reality show. Can’t wait till you get pregnant. Until then, you’re a jabroni, brother.

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