Posted: November 15, 2011 by Keith Stone in basketball, NBA, NBA lockout

The NBA Players’ Union decertified yesterday after the players rejected the owners’ latest proposal. For real, check out their website. Now they’re taking the owners to court. For what? I don’t know. I don’t care. I just want to watch some basketball. David Stern described this situation as “nuclear winter.” Keith Stone described this situation as “eight cocks shoved up my ass.” Either way, it’s not good.

It doesn’t mean the 2011-2012 season won’t happen but now both sides have to prepare for litigation instead of working on a deal. Hopefully, this is a negotiating tactic because for the case to go through the court system, it would take months, if not years.

For all intents and purposes, and from my lay point of view, the owners’ offer seems fairly reasonable. However, there are two bones of contention: how the owners will divide revenue with the players and how the owners will divide their share amongst each other through revenue sharing, luxury taxes, etc.

The players rightfully don’t want to commit to a deal unless the owners figure out their part first. In this latest proposal, which the NY Times has a review of, the owners limit the rights of free agents by restricting how much money someone can make and which teams they could sign with when switching teams.

The owners contend that this will protect small-market teams like Cleveland from losing a superstar like LeBron James, which will allow franchise values and revenues to grow in places other than the big cities. The players think this is unfair. If a player spends seven years with a team, why shouldn’t they be able to sign a similar contract somewhere else? Neither side is wrong. And that’s where we are, kids.

Nobody’s going to be happy when this is all said and done, but they’re forgetting the one group of people that is going to be the least happy: the fans. It’s time to compromise. The revenue that they’re fighting over is shrinking by the minute.

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