Too Bad the Food Still Sucks

Posted: March 9, 2012 by Keith Stone in food
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Flavorwire put up a slideshow of the most beautiful fast food restaurants in the world. It’s a pretty interesting bunch from the Icelandic KFC with a wall of sheer glass to the Arby’s in downtown Brooklyn that appears to be some sort of disgusting hipster ballroom. It’s a good thing it was closed down. Check out the entire list here.

As much as I enjoy ergonomically-designed fast food joints, none will ever have a place in my heart like the KFC on Sixth Ave. that I used to go to between classes at NYU. I close my eyes and I can still feel the stickiness of the dried piss in the bathroom and hear the homeless people begging for change. It’s a shame it was condemned after rats overran the place.

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