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Too Bad the Food Still Sucks

Posted: March 9, 2012 by Keith Stone in food
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Flavorwire put up a slideshow of the most beautiful fast food restaurants in the world. It’s a pretty interesting bunch from the Icelandic KFC with a wall of sheer glass to the Arby’s in downtown Brooklyn that appears to be some sort of disgusting hipster ballroom. It’s a good thing it was closed down. Check out the entire list here.

As much as I enjoy ergonomically-designed fast food joints, none will ever have a place in my heart like the KFC on Sixth Ave. that I used to go to between classes at NYU. I close my eyes and I can still feel the stickiness of the dried piss in the bathroom and hear the homeless people begging for change. It’s a shame it was condemned after rats overran the place.

Clyde Frazier Wining & Dining In Hell’s Kitchen

Posted: August 5, 2011 by Keith Stone in Clyde Frazier, food

Baddest motherfucker on the planet, Clyde Frazier, is opening up an upscale restaurant, lounge, and sports bar on 37th St. and 10 Ave., appropriately named Clyde’s. The Knicks legend expects the place to open December 1, hopefully in time for the Knicks game against the Bucks the following day. Clyde’s will join Sean Avery’s Warren 77 as another bar owned by a New York athlete that dresses like a pimp and gets more ass than me. It’s just too bad that Broadway Joe’s closed down. It’s going to be great to celebrate a Knicks win with a drink and the man himself dressed in a leather suit at the classiest place in town.

The Real Deal

Mike Fetters, Man’s Man

Posted: July 18, 2011 by Keith Stone in baseball, food, Man's Man, Mike Fetters, MLB

Kenny Powers would tell you that it’s hard to move on after you’re done with baseball, but former Major League reliever Mike Fetters found a way to give back to the fans that watched him play. Fetters illegally goes around Miller Park in Milwaukee with a cauldron of cheese and lets fans dunk their food in for only $2. He’ll even add a fried egg for $1. Fetters claims he doesn’t need the money and is only doing it for the love of the game and the fans. Although he’s had some run-ins with security and food inspectors, Fetters enjoys what he’s doing and continues to live the high life. Only in Milwaukee could he get away with something like that. Mike Fetters, you are a Man’s Man.

The Awl

Joey Chestnut defended his hot dog-eating Championship for the fifth year in a row at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest by eating an insane 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes. The only problem is that his archrival Kobayashi ate 69 dogs at the exact same time to break the world record on the rooftop of the swank 230 Fifth Avenue. Chestnut and Nathan’s contend that Kobayashi’s accomplishment is invalid because he did it under different conditions. However, Kobayashi was forced to accomplish his feat separately after being banned from the Nathan’s competition for not joining Major League Eating, the organization that sanctions the event.

If Kobayashi feels he can make more money on his own than with MLE, that’s his prerogative (Bobby Brown FTW). He shouldn’t be banned from the world’s marquee eating event. It’s a crime against Kobayashi, it’s a crime against Chestnut, and dammit, it’s a crime against the fans. And what are these different conditions that the organizers are talking about? Aren’t all hot dogs made out of cow eyeballs? It’s not like Coney Island has a different gravitational pull than Manhattan. It’s not Coors Field.

We have a legit beef here. Chestnut is the champ, but Kobayashi may be better. If these people were smart, there would be a primetime duel on ESPN. All-Star Break, anyone? It would definitely be better than The Decision.

These are two big eaters but there’s only one question to ask: Who Ya Got?


>Olive Garden Is A Sham

Posted: April 22, 2011 by Keith Stone in food, Olive Garden


I haven’t felt this violated since I found out Santa Claus didn’t exist. In possibly the most important investigation in its history, Time Magazine revealed that Olive Garden’s famous Culinary Institute of Tuscany is really just a hotel where a chef holds an occasional class in the kitchen between sightseeing sessions for Olive Garden employees in scenic Italy. I don’t know if I can ever go to Olive Garden ever again. Besides gorging myself on delicious endless breadsticks and salad, I liked knowing that all the chefs went through an intensive years-long program with some of the top cooks in the world. Now I don’t know who to believe. Is the McDonald’s Hamburger University an accredited four-year school? Is the New York Film Academy really the place where Brett Ratner thinks all aspiring filmmakers should go? Since I’m a forgiving guy, I’ll probably end up going back to Olive Garden again but it’s going to take some time. At least until the Endless Pasta Bowl.


>Fat Ho Burgers

Posted: March 29, 2011 by Keith Stone in food, Texas


If you’re strolling around in Waco and feel a rumble in your belly, look no further to satisfy your hunger than Fat Ho Burgers. Yes, that is the name of a new burger joint that serves the Supa Dupa Fly Ho with Cheese and the Sloppy Ho Brisket. Coincidentally, I love sloppy ho’s and brisket. For the kids and sexual predators alike, there’s the Little Ho.
According to the video, the food at Fat Ho is delicious and business is booming. Maybe they can use some of the revenue to buy better signage. Personally, I enjoy the fact that it appears like restaurants in Texas are operated out of people’s homes and the menu is printed off Microsoft Word. Still, it’s classier than the KFC on 14th St. and 2nd Ave. I’m just surprised that Star Jones isn’t somehow involved in this venture.

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