WEEK 84 – Cold As Ice

Posted: January 8, 2012 by Keith Stone in NFL
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Giants 24, Falcons 2

For a while there it looked like it was going to be like a pissing contest between Chaz Bono and John Wayne Bobbitt. The Giants’ running game was non-existent and the Falcons were getting pressure nearly every time Eli stepped back. And then came the fourth-and-1. I understand why the Falcons went for it, but in a game like that, you don’t want to give the other team any momentum at all. Plus you figure it’s probably going to be low scoring. Why not take the points, especially after failing in a similar situation in a big spot against the Saints earlier in the season? Well, the Giants made the big play, and it was like the key in the ignition to the Divisional Round. Let’s face it: if the Falcons converted it, the Giants might be sitting at home right now. These playoff games can sometimes hinge on one or two big plays. The Giants just wanted it more.

The Giants looked great in the second half. It was by far their best sustained football of the year. I don’t know if the Falcons were overwhelmed or just wanted to go home, but I loved it. When the Giants are firing on all cylinders, they are so hard to beat. Jacobs was finally ripping off big plays. All the receivers were making plays. Cruz is covered? Oh yeah, we have another 1,000-yard guy who can take it to the house and dance. Roddy White and Julio Jones couldn’t get anything done. They can make all the 6-yard catches they want. And of course, the Hydra. That is the main reason for the defense’s success. When you have Tuck, Osi, and JPP coming at you, there’s not much time to figure out where to throw it. Once the Giants established a lead and the Falcons became more reliant on their passing game, it was all over. It’s going to be different next week, but with the team as healthy as they’ve been, you’d be an idiot to say they don’t have a shot.

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