Rangers-Senators Game 1 Quick Reaction

Posted: April 13, 2012 by Keith Stone in hockey, NHL
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Rangers 4, Senators 2. Rangers lead series 1-0

Superb game by the Rangers. Captain Cally came out and proved what a great leader he is by scoring the opening goal and hitting anyone from the other nation’s capital. King Henrik had another brilliant game and cleaned up whatever few messes there were. When the energy sagged in the second period, Tortorella called a time out at exactly the right time and did what he does to get the team fired up. The game changed after that. Players connected when they had scoring chances but the Rangers could have easily had six goals by the time everything was said and done.

The two late goals by Ottawa don’t worry me at all although I hear everyone talking about how the Sens found their momentum. Bullshit. The first goal was a lucky deflection and the second was with like two minutes left. The Rangers are a mentally tough team and have superior talent to the Senators. No way it carries over. If the Rangers can get three or four goals every game, they should start planning for the Parade right now. This is the Blueshirt blueprint for winning down to a T. The playmakers (Gaborik, Richards, Callahan) came through and everyone contributed with smart, gritty play on the defensive side to keep the high-flying Senators in check. Throw in a little world-class goaltending and the Rangers were damn near unstoppable.

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