British Easter Egg Hunts More Dangerous Than The Hunger Games

Posted: April 10, 2012 by Keith Stone in news
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A three-year-old kid in England found an extra special treat the Easter Bunny left behind this Sunday during an Easter egg hunt: a hand grenade from World War II. The boy was standing on the grenade when adults found him but luckily didn’t pull the pin. If you look at a grenade, it actually does look like an Easter egg but instead of being delicious, it just blows you to smithereens. Even Jesus couldn’t come back from that. However, one could argue that a grenade egg isn’t be as harmful to the teeth of a young English lad as a chocolate egg. The grenade was destroyed later in the day. So remember, if you’re ever in England for Easter, think twice before picking up that Easter egg. It’s almost as dangerous as finding an abandoned frisbee in Vietnam.


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