Rangers-Capitals Game 2 Quick Reaction

Posted: May 1, 2012 by Keith Stone in hockey, NHL
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Capitals 3, Rangers 2. Series tied 1-1

This was a tough one to lose. After Del Zotto and Callahan tied it up, I figured it was ours for the taking. Then, the silly penalties. I see how they got called but if the refs are going to call them on us, they should call them on the Caps as well. Or maybe I’m just seeing things through my Blueshirt-colored glasses. Ovechkin’s game-winner was a rocket. Kudos to him. It was shocking seeing King Henrik misplay that second goal. It was the first goal in the playoffs that was totally his fault but it reminds you that he’s not perfect, especially when he’s handling the puck. It looks like this series is going to open up a bit. The Rangers need to keep playing their game. They hit some posts and that second goal shouldn’t have happened, otherwise they’d have been winners. No need to change anything too much.

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