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Capitals 2, Rangers 1. Series tied 3-3

That must have been the absolute worst way to come out and start the game. A penalty where the defenseman gets beaten, and an Ovechkin power play goal. If the Caps didn’t score in the first five minutes, all the pressure would have been on them after the way they blew Game 5. But that goal got all the jitters out of the way and allowed them to get back on track. Otherwise, this game played out like the others in the series. Great goaltending and D, and Washington got the lucky bounce on the second goal. That was enough to send it to Game 7. Luckily, there’s two days off so Holtby’s momentum should slow down a little bit, but both teams are very evenly matched heading into Saturday. Hopefully, the Garden will be the difference.

Capitals 3, Rangers 2. Series tied 2-2

Same script as Game 2. It was a pretty solid, evenly matched game. The refs called a questionable penalty at the end and missed a couple on the Caps. The Caps scored on the power play and now we’re going at least six. It was a real blown opportunity because this could have effectively put Washington out of it. King Henrik didn’t play his best game. All three goals were stoppable but I’m sure he was still feeling the effects of triple OT. The kid Kreider blew it on the first goal but he’s a kid and you have to take the good with the bad. The game-winning goal hurt because Callahan had a chance to clear the puck but instead had it poked away. And that’s the game.

The Rangers need to come out guns blazing in Game 5. The first period today was unacceptable and they were lucky to only be down one goal. If they play every game like they did for the first half of the second period, they’ll win the Cup mark my words. This game sucked but it’s not as demoralizing as Game 4 against the Senators. Blowing that two-goal lead really hurt and carried over into Game 5. This time I don’t think it’s going to happen. There’s really no margin for error anymore.

Rangers 2, Capitals 1 (3OT). Rangers lead series 2-1

Wow, I need a cigarette. Amazing game on both sides. Both goalies were phenomenal (and lucky). Both teams showed heart and grit and played hard for every second. It could have gone either way but luckily the good guys won. Gaborik’s been struggling throughout the playoffs and just hasn’t looked like himself. But as the overtimes wore on, he seemed fresh and finally connected. Hopefully, this gets him going for the rest of the series. The Rangers really need his production.

With Stu Bickel in the doghouse, the other defensemen had to come up big and they did. Ryan McDonough playing over 50 minutes of quality hockey is insane. He was on the ice for longer than a regulation basketball game! What a machine. Of course, Girardi and Staal were great as always, and Callahan was always there to put his body on the puck. Lost in all of this is that King Henrik had another stellar performance. Some of those shots in overtime had a lot of traffic and he picked them out of the air like it was nothing. I’ll be honest, though. When Ovechkin’s shot hit the post and the lights and sirens went off, I thought it was over. Some nights the posts are just on your side.

The important thing now is to carry the momentum into Game 4. The Rangers can’t give the Caps any breathing room heading back to the Garden like they did to the Senators, especially after the draining game tonight. It’s just a good things there’s a few days off now.

Capitals 3, Rangers 2. Series tied 1-1

This was a tough one to lose. After Del Zotto and Callahan tied it up, I figured it was ours for the taking. Then, the silly penalties. I see how they got called but if the refs are going to call them on us, they should call them on the Caps as well. Or maybe I’m just seeing things through my Blueshirt-colored glasses. Ovechkin’s game-winner was a rocket. Kudos to him. It was shocking seeing King Henrik misplay that second goal. It was the first goal in the playoffs that was totally his fault but it reminds you that he’s not perfect, especially when he’s handling the puck. It looks like this series is going to open up a bit. The Rangers need to keep playing their game. They hit some posts and that second goal shouldn’t have happened, otherwise they’d have been winners. No need to change anything too much.