Six-Pack Challenge WEEK 4 – Seattle Schadenfreude

Posted: September 30, 2012 by Keith Stone in football, NFL
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After the wild ending Monday night, my first reaction wasn’t anger, empathy, or even joy at seeing a conference rival lose a controversial game. Maybe I’m a cocksucker but I just found it so hilarious that the saga of the replacement referees had likely concluded with the butchering of a game-changing (and possibly season-changing) final play call on national TV. Really, what were the odds of that happening? You knew the outrage was coming. Twitter was going to explode. Herm Edwards would need to be resuscitated multiple times. And of course, those Packers fans all over the country. Here’s what one of my friends wrote on Facebook after the game:

“That is officially (no pun intended) the worst call I have ever seen in a ‘professional’ football game. There were also two absolutely ridiculous calls that went against the Packers on a crucial earlier drive (defensive pass interference, roughing the passer that negated an interception) in addition to a flag on almost every play of the second half. These referees should be ashamed of themselves. Anyone who has ever bought real estate from that “head official” should be ashamed of himself. I am livid. There is no way that result should stand. No way in Hell. I cannot begin to express how unimaginably pissed I am.

This situation has come to a head like you never could have anticipated, Roger Goodell, and your league has become a joke. If you had a boss, you would be fired.”I’m sure this wasn’t the worst thing that was written, but hey, I loved it. But if the call went against the Giants, I’d be pissed. Now are you ready for some picks?

Stone: Panthers
Are the Falcons really this good?

Slumdeezy: Falcons

DRK: Panthers

Rory: Falcons
As I said last week, I’m riding the wings of the Falcons!

DP Animal: Falcons
They do everything well, and Cam Newton looks lost at QB right now.

Phanatic: Falcons

49ERS (-4.5) AT JETS
Stone: Jets
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: the Jets always come through when you least expect it. I got them winning.

Slumdeezy: 49ers

DRK: Jets

Rory: 49ers
Vengeance week for Harbaugh.

DP Animal: Jets
They’ll dearly miss Revis, but the 49ers aren’t the team to exploit his absence.

Phanatic: 49ers

Stone: Rams
The Seahawks have been getting a lot of press lately, but I just don’t they’re that much better than the Rams.

Slumdeezy: Seahawks
Russell Wilson is the most interesting QB in the league.

DRK: Rams

Rory: Seahawks
After a tough loss at home, I expect the Seahawks to bounce back.  Wait, what?

DP Animal: Seahawks
Two thoughts. First, leaving aside the end of the game for a second, the Seahawks defense had a coming-out party on Monday night. They’re as good as anyone in the league right now. Second, Golden Tate has a knack for getting away with theft.

Phanatic: Rams
I hope the Seahawks get Seahawked.

Stone: Saints
They may be winless but the Aints ain’t bad.

Slumdeezy: Packers
Just playing the spread here.

DRK: Saints

Rory: Packers
Another vengeance game. Also, it turns out Sean Payton was a good coach. Who knew?

DP Animal: Packers
A matchup of the two biggest victims of Roger Goodell’s tyranny.

Phanatic: Packers

Stone: Giants
It’s time to put these dogs out of their misery.

Slumdeezy: Giants
During football season, my blood bleeds blue.

DRK: Giants

Rory: Giants
Every time I feel super-confident about the Giants, they lose. So let’s just say, I think the Eagles will win, but not cover the spread.

DP Animal: Giants
This Eagles team is bad.

Phanatic: Eagles

Stone: Bears
The Boys go up and down more than a see saw.

Slumdeezy: Cowboys

DRK: Bears

Rory: Bears
I still don’t believe in this Cowboys team.

DP Animal: Bears

Phanatic: Bears
With the cover.

Stone: 12-6 (Last week: 3-3)
DP Animal: 11-7 (4-2)
Rory: 10-8 (3-3)
Slumdeezy: 10-8 (4-2)
DRK: 7-11 (1-5)
Phanatic: 7-11 (2-4)

Last week’s picks

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