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Scream 4 had its share of detractors but nobody can say anything bad about Emma Roberts. Girl has a killer body. And despite her good girl image, I think she’s got a little naughty hidden in there. I really liked Scream 4. It was probably the weakest film of the franchise but I liked the direction it went in. It just didn’t get there smoothly. It was long, too self-aware, and tried to be too funny. I’m old fashioned. All I need is a Jamie Kennedy monologue, Rose McGowan’s tits, and some kills, and I’m happy. With that said, the ending was great and I liked how the recent spate of horror remakes and celebrity culture played into the movie. And of course, my girl Emma. She beats Aunt Julia anytime. Dayyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuum!