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Classic Video of the Week: I’m So Exctied

Posted: June 21, 2011 by Keith Stone in Saved By the Bell, videos

Caffeine pill addiction was a serious problem amongst high school students in the 90’s. To help stem the tide of related deaths, Saved By the Bell had a very special episode in which Jessie gets hooked while trying to balance the pressures of getting into Stanford and performing a show with her world-famous music group Hot Sundae. Only one person could save her. Not a parent. Not a doctor. Only Zack Morris.

Remember kids, stay away from caffeine pills. Take Adderall instead. I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so…………scared.

BONUS VIDEO: Somebody did an Inception-style video for this episode. It’s so dramatic that it made me soil myself while I cried profusely. Watch at your own risk.

Hey, hey, hey, what is going on here? Dick “Dennis Haskins” Belding looks like he’s still spending time with high school girls. And good for him. Not all of us can host Access Hollywood or make a sex tape. Apparently, Belding is still living the life of Zack Morris after the two switched places during Student-Teacher Week. Now, he’s hitting up the clubs, doing duets with Tony Romo, and eating a lot. This week, the Double-A Richmond Flying Squirrels invited Belding to throw out the first pitch for their Teacher Appreciation Night and do a little singing (naturally). He’s a regular Carl Lewis.