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New York’s Boring Stadium Problem

Posted: August 12, 2011 by Keith Stone in New York, stadiums

Check out this interesting read on Grantland about the three new stadiums in New York. While I don’t necessarily agree that they needed to be architectural marvels, Peter Richmond has a point that they’re all sterile and feel like they’re missing something. My biggest problem is that the stadiums were so expensive and cater mainly to the rich. I doubt that the Polo Grounds had luxury boxes with fireplaces. That’s not what sports is about. At least at the baseball stadiums, you can relax since baseball is a leisurely game. New Giants Stadium is doubly ridiculous to have all its amenities because only an asshole would want to go to a stadium and then watch the game from the comfort of a luxury box while eating filet mignon. Hopefully the people renovating Madison Square Garden don’t make the same mistakes.