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Last night, Bartolo Colon was cruising along when Curtis Granderson lost the ball in the roof of Tropicana Field and a routine pop fly turned into a single. That opened up a two-run inning for Tampa Bay and they ended up winning 3-2. Again, it’s 2011. Why are we still losing the ball? This isn’t the Metrodome circa 1991. If the Devil Rays want to be a marquee team, they should fix this somehow. It’s not baseball at the highest level. If there’s a chance this could happen during the Playoffs, they should just play at a high school field. It’d be better than this place. And what’s with the rubber blasting up every time the ball hits the turf at the Trop? It’s like there’s a freaking geyser in the outfield.

Tropicana Field Is An Embarrassment

Posted: July 19, 2011 by Keith Stone in baseball, MLB, Tampa Bay, Tropicana Field

On top of the fact that Tropicana Field may be the ugliest stadium in professional sports, how stupid is it that there’s a domed stadium in Tampa Bay? St. Petersburg has an average high temperature of 81 degrees. Only an idiot or an elderly person would want to be inside on a beautiful day.

But wait, there’s more. During last night’s Rays-Yanks game, a bolt of lightning (Tampa Bay Lightning, heehee) hit near the Trop and disrupted the power inside the stadium so much so that the game was delayed for 20 minutes. The game is being played fucking inside to avoid problems like this! It’s not the 1800’s! How can a simple storm affect an indoor baseball game in this day in age? This is further proof that there shouldn’t be Major League Baseball in Tampa Bay. Strip clubs, yes. Baseball, no.

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