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Kenny and Wes had it in the bag. Johnny and Tyler were worn out from eliminating the beast CT and Tyler was so sick that a doctor recommended that he not compete in the Finals. Roy Lee and Mike Mike…well, Mike Mike wasn’t made for climbing mountains. Kenny and Wes are both former Champions with four wins between them. The Rivals concept threw them off, though. These guys don’t didn’t just dislike each other, they didn’t respect each other. These guys were like Shaq and Kobe in 2004.

Despite everything, they were still leading the pack on the way up the mountain with their ball and chain for $100,000. That is, until Wes decided to to break up said ball and put the shards in his socks. You do not want anything jagged cutting into your body during the Challenge Finals. Even when his legs started bleeding, Wes insisted he was OK. He and Kenny continued to traverse the mountain until Wes couldn’t go anymore. Kenny then valiantly carried Wes literally on his back up the mountain. They still reached the checkpoint earlier than any other team, but you have to believe the toll had been taken on both of them.

Wes, baby, you rocked it all season, but you just didn’t get it. You couldn’t win if you didn’t work with your partner. Even when you were busy winning Challenges and Jungles, you were undermining Kenny. If you want to talk shit, you have to back it up. Your Finals performance was weak. You puked more than any of the chicks. There’s more to The Challenge than just the physical game. When you win, you can talk. Until then, you’re a jabroni, brother.